Silo Storage System

More flexibility and ease

The Smart Stakka Product is an easy mobile transportation silo designed for the safe controlled discharge and storage of bulk dry, granular products for all purposes, operations and industries offering more flexibility and ease of operation. Having been tested and proven throughout many different industries and situations they have been recognized as the leading ultimate safe storage and discharge system in this configuration and highly recommended by leading businesses throughout New Zealand. The Smart Stakka is manufactured to the highest quality and also includes advice given from the end users!

Heavy Duty Polyethylene Bin

Manufactured from food and health grade rated material, UV stabilised, weather and rodent proof. Thickness of 7-9mm.

Galvanised Frame Work

With the reinforced steel frame the Smart Stakka is the strongest silo in this configuration while rust free.

Large Removable Lid

For easy filling and cleaning of the Smart Stakka. Opening measurements – 1.08m x 0.95m.

4 Way Lifting Pockets

Fully enclosed RHS pockets giving you easy access and movability at your operation.

Telescopic Legs

Giving you height variations for easier operation when discharging, filling & storage

S/S Outlet Shutter System

Providing a rust free easy controlled discharge outlet with a directional Shute for easy filling of buckets, bins etc. Outlet opening measurements – 145mm x 140mm (can be enlarged).

Smart StakkaDesign

Smart Stakka 1200l

Capacity: 1200L / 1.2m3

Measurements: 1.33m-L x 1.22-W x 1.5-H

Weight: 185kg (Empty)

Great for fitting under silos and for half-ton bulk bags.

Smart Stakka1200L

Smart Stakka 1600l

Capacity: 1600L / 1.6m3

Measurements: 1.33m-L x 1.22-W x 1.7-H

Weight: 200kg (Empty)

Will hold the full contents of a big bag

Smart Stakka1600L

Smart Stakka 2000L

Capacity: 2000L / 2m3

Measurements: 1.33m-L x 1.22-W x 2.1-H

Weight: 225kg (Empty)

Great for finer products with its increase discharge angle

Smart Stakka2000L

Other Notable Features

Stacking guide points for storage, Foot plates for stableness, Safety chain hook when transporting.



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